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Hi, I’m David France, a qualified Chiropractor with over 20 years experience treating patient's back pain, primarily caused by sitting in regular chairs for long periods.  I view the x-rays and see the symptoms all day every day.  

THE Way we Sit is Simply Wrong

Over the years I’ve seen the impact that sitting in regular chairs can have on the body. Over time it causes the spine to degenerate causing back, shoulder and neck pain and a loss of function. Muscle imbalance is also created causing strain, ache and weakness. Pain, headaches, digestive and respiratory symptoms can follow and patients can suffer depression as life is severely impacted.

Long term, sitting the wrong way can cause permanent changes in the body impacting health, performance and quality of life.
After years of treating my patient's symptoms from poor sitting posture,  I'm determined to address back pain at the source, and change the way the world sits.   

David France Chiropractor on Workhorse Saddle Chair
David France Chiropractor Riding Horse

A lifetime in the saddle 

Growing up in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, I grew up riding and working with horses. 

Eventually moving to Sydney to study Chiropractic, I was riding track work most mornings to pay my way through University.  Through my riding, anatomical and Chiropractic studies, I discovered that when I sat in a saddle, my body assumed the ideal spinal position.

When riding, my three spinal curves were maintained and my pelvis rolled forward to sit directly under my head and shoulders, with my thighs sloping down at a 45 degree angle to the ground and approximately 135 degrees to my back.    

When I continued on to my University lectures, and sat in a regular chair that forced my body into a 90 degree angle between my back and my thighs, I'd slump and my neck and shoulders would ache and i'd quickly grow weary. 

My journey continued with a career move into horse Chiropractic, spending many years working with a range of horses and riders, gaining further insight to the benefit of sitting in a saddle.  And the idea of changing the way the world sits grew.   


I’m on a mission to change the way the world sits

With my equine experience and Chiropractic knowledge, I set about reviewing the ergonomic chair options I could recommend to my patients.  Nothing was able to comfortably maintain the ideal spinal position like the best horse saddles I had worked with. 

At the same time, much research was being released into the health impacts of sitting, likening it to 'the new smoking'.  I realised it wasn't just our chairs but our total sitting experience that needed to change.  

After 20 years of seeing and treating the symptoms of sitting the wrong way in my patients, I was determined to change the way the world sits. 

It's been a 5 year journey of design, testing and prototyping to arrive at the Workhorse Saddle Chair range.  From the office, to the kitchen, to the workbench to the study, I've designed a chair that's got your back, whatever the sitting situation.    

The Workhorse Pro with patented rotating backrest, along with the Plus, allow you to change sitting positions using your abdominals and core muscles instead over overtaxing back, neck and shoulders muscles when sitting for long periods. The Workhorse Original is perfect for people who don't spend all day sitting. The Workhorse Go with a folding base can be taken with you, and the Workhorse Rise and Slide are at home in the kitchen, a bar, laboratory or workshop.  Finally I've designed a cost effective entry level saddle chair experience, the Workhorse Base, that can be placed on a regular chair.  If you're not sure if you'll find the Workhorse comfortable, it's a great place to start.  See the Workhorse Saddle Chair range.      
For better health, performance and quality of life,  please join me on my mission to change the way the world sits, and do your back a favour by backing us on Kickstarter.   Your body will thank you, and so will I.

David France Chiropractor and Workhorse Saddle Chair Pro

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