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The way we sit is wrong

In recent years, studies have found that what we thought about the science of sitting is simply wrong.  Some studies have even defined sitting as the new smoking, due to the significant impact it's having on our health. 

It's time to evolve to a healthy new way of sitting with the Chiropractic designed Workhorse Saddle Chair.     

Support your health and wellness.

We weren't designed to sit like this

Our body isn’t designed to be sitting in a regular chair that forces it to be at 90-degrees between our back and thighs. We're unable to maintain this position no matter how hard we try. Our pelvis rolls backwards destroying the ingenious shock absorber effect of our spinal curves, our abdominal and core muscles go slack and our head slumps forward.  Pain, strain, and headaches follow and over time, our posture deteriorates causing permanent changes to our spine and muscles leading to all sorts of health problems.

How we are designed

Our bodies have been ingeniously designed to carry our weight in a particular way, and not spend up to 12 hours a day sitting in a regular chair. Although we try to sit up straight, not slouch and watch our posture, regular chairs make the ideal sitting position impossible for any length of time. Sitting in a Workhorse Saddle Chair helps maintain the ideal spinal position with our legs sloping down at approximately 45-degree angle. Neck, shoulder and back pain is reduced, you have better control of your hands and won't get as tired, improving your performance at work.

Healthy Sitting

Our body has evolved with ingenious mechanics to maintain balancing our weight in the most efficient way. It does it by the stacking of 24 vertebrae separated by shock absorbing discs using a series of three curves. The head sits directly over our pelvis and is held there using minimal force from the muscles on our back, neck and shoulders as well as our front muscles from the abdominals, pectorals and core muscles. This is the position we assume when standing or walking. And it’s also the position our spine takes when riding a horse.

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