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Workhorse Saddle Chair height and desk setup

We’re really excited that our first Workhorse Saddle Chairs are arriving in the Asian region and we are getting lots of questions about the height of the chair and desk setup so we wanted to try to answer them as clearly as we can for all our  customers. 

To transition to a healthier way of sitting on the Workhorse Saddle Chair you need to understand that you will be sitting higher than you do normally and you will need to raise your desk.  This takes some setup and getting used to and we have provided a guide in your delivery, and a special workstation setup video here to help you with the setup.

We highly recommend you view the video to help with your setup


 We offered the 3 gas lift heights to suit all shapes and sizes.

  • The vast majority of you rightly chose the gas lift for Medium for people 5‘ 2” (157cm) to 6’ 1”(185cm) tall.
  • Some chose the small gas lift (for under 5’2 or 157cm people) and
  • Large gas lift (for those over 6’1” or 185cm) gas lifts.

There is overlap on the heights but the height ranges mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign were well thought out and accurate. Everyone must understand that for the chair to maintain you in the ideal posture you need to be sitting higher than you do in your regular chair otherwise your back will simply take up your regular slumped posture. So the chair won’t go as low as you are used to and will go much higher than your regular chair.  To be able to sit higher, you need to lift your desk or workstation.  


Please refer to the diagram below.

  • I am 175 cm tall or 5’9”(average for a male)
  • Desk is set at 86cm or 2’8”from floor to the top of the desk.
  • Workhorse Saddle Chair height from the middle of the saddle is around 66cm or 2’1”
  • At the correct chair height your legs will slope down towards the ground at approximately 45 degree angle.  You will feel like you are sitting a lot higher than normal. 
  • Compared this to the average regular desk and chair.  Average desk height for a regular desk is 73.5 cm or 2’4” with an average regular office chair height of 41 to 52 cm or 1’3” to 1’7”

So as you can see as you must sit higher than you are used to for the Workhorse Saddle Chair.  To be effective if you are sitting for long periods you must raise your desk.

Please refer to our video on how best to do this, refer to our brochure included with your chair or ask us directly – we are here to help with your transition to improving your health and posture.

Reach out to us:

  • On the comments section here on Kickstarter
  • Via email at
  • Via our Facebook page @workhorsesaddlechair
  • We are happy to schedule a phone-call with you or Facetime to talk you through the setup.    

These are small changes to your workstation that will provide you with massive long term and life changing health and performance benefits.  As you will see in the setup video, height adjustable desks and workstations are now affordable and available throughout all regular furniture stores like IKEA and certainly any ergonomic furniture stores. The desk raiser discs put under the desk legs are similarly available or I can provide them at a small cost if you can’t find what you need. 

We hope this additional information helps when setting your desk and chair height for office, home or workplace to get maximum health benefit from your new chair.  We look forward to your feedback and would love to see some photos of your sitting on your new Workhorse Saddle Chair. 

David France (founder and Chiropractor) 

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